Gathering Together


(A true story)


What kind of life do I have when the highlight of my week is a date with my wife at Costco?


With nine kids, you can imagine it’s difficult to have any quality time to talk, reflect, communicate, or simply get on the same page with your spouse. My premise here is to show just how spending time together, no matter where it is, is the key to a great marriage. I’ll tell you about the story of our Costco date, the benefits of our time away, and the satisfaction it brings me to be with my wife.


We start with a list. We must do an inventory of what we need to buy at Costco—paper products, cereal, refried beans, milk, eggs, frozen items, etc. etc. Then comes the drive, where we catch up on the week’s activities and just talk about life in general. Here is where we set the stage for some time of good communication and quality time together.


Going into Costco is always fun, as there are several regulars who are colorful, wonderful, and friendly. I do have to pull myself away from the high-definition televisions that my wife will not let me own. We inevitably see other couples on their Costco date as well. One of the highlights is the tasty samples, and of course looking for the great deal. I just found some really cool Dockers sweats for only nine dollars! We grab our food at the food court, where Judy always asks about our kids and if indeed we’re on another date. We say yes, of course, and exchange pleasantries.


Now comes the time to carefully load up our catch and drive to the selected spot of the day to enjoy our quiet dinner-a sumptuous repast par excellent. Here’s where we talk about the deeper things; kids, goals, schedules, God, the upcoming week, and life in general. Time for the drive home; sometimes we stop at Starbucks, which always is a great way to end a Costco run. We get home, and the kids unload the Costco booty and are delighted to see stuff that they wanted and we needed.


I discover that I do have a life, a Great Life, when the highlight of my week is a Costco run/date with my wife. Life is good. When I have time away with my best friend to shop, have dinner, go to Starbucks, and just have fun. What am I lacking at this time? Nothing.


Thanks for your interest and I would love to help you and partner with you going forward.
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Scott Hammond
Every Day Dad of 9 kids


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