Gathering Together



The question is, does He intentionally create stressful situations and imposed them upon us?  And, if He does, isn’t this contrary to the loving God we know? 


John 3:16 states, “For God so loved the word that he gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. (Emphasis mine)


Yes, God is very loving, caring, and understanding, and He does desire the very best for His children; but just like we as parents use painful methods to correct and/or condition our children; He will use stressful circumstances to help us to grow.  He will also use our life’s challenges to help us to develop dependency upon Him only.


Many of us believe, God’s love for us should equate to Him not imposing upon us stress and pain.  We believe our close walk with Him, should exempt us from the same challenges of those who not striving to please Him.  It has been conveyed to us, by the churches of today, that He is warm and fuzzy, and we are not to encounter hardships.  But how are we conditioned, unless we experience test and trials, which serve as weights in our lives, to help make us stronger. 


No woman desires a weak man who crumbles every time he experiences any type of pressure.  Neither, does a man desire a woman who falls apart at the drop of a pin.  We all want people who can handle their woes of life, and still have enough internal strength, (fortitude), to help motivate us, when we are exhausted and need encouragement.  We should all understand, anyone that God is going to use mightily, He will use their life’s circumstances, to help build within, the fortitude necessary, to accomplish what He has preordained.  The Master is concern about what we are thinking and feeling regarding our life’s challenges; nevertheless, He is more concern about us learning the information from what we are experiencing. He needs us to be prepared to accomplish that which He has chosen for us to do.  In other words, His main concerns are the results. 


Yes, it appears that He is not sweating the small stuff—because He isn’t; but we, as instruments to be used by Him, need to be in par excellent shape.  Can an un-sharp knife effectively cut pork steaks?  How about a high power saw, can it effectively cut wood with a dull blade?  What we think is going to kill us, He is using as warm-ups, for the more difficult tests we are scheduled to meet.   These early encounters, that are strengthening us, are also removing the dross that is neutralizing our value and effectiveness.  Further, He knows our tempests are perfecting our walk with Him

by Dr.Haymon

 © 2011 Copyright – Dr. Haymon