Gathering Together

A Warrior

By Joshua Leach

The roar of a crowd is most frightful when faced all alone. A debilitating wave of discouragement creeps upon this dim lit canvas of trial and torment. A Warrior, with rhythm in his step, warms his body to keep the edge. His scars hold victory in their testimony. His gaze is set toward his challenge. Millions of eyes stare down upon him, but he doesn’t notice. Those who stand beside him quickly fade away. All but One. A burden has encompassed him.

The crowd is overbearing. Hurling insults driven by wicked schemes, they wish him dead. Steady and stern, his expression is serious. Sweat covers his torso, like a heavenly vapor. He reflects on past decisions and weighs the outcome. The Adversary taunts him, he teases with his empty darkness. Heaviness is present. The atmosphere thickens, and despair sets in.

The Warrior faces his fears and accepts his dreaded decisions. Failure awaits him, but he reflects a light from within. A light he received from the One who still remains. Obedience is created, and a hard lesson is learned. Many have stood where he now stands, but few ever survive the anxiety that now penetrates his racing heart. The faithfulness of the One lifts him to his feet.

He has power in this arena. A gleam is visible in this Warrior’s eyes. A ray of hope is prevalent. Truth is shown in his actions, and quickly the darkness begins to fade. Despite the vicious crowd and deadly remarks, he holds his ground. A spirit of Holy power fills his being, and like anew, he endures hot flames and thick thorns that snare and consume. A war cry, a song of praise, is released, and suddenly this battle comes to a close.

Victorious, our Warrior stands. With hands raised in triumph, he gives the glory to another. The glory is given to One whose worth cannot be measured nor weighed by any methods known to man. He was the One that remained at his side when no one else could. He was the One speaking into this Warrior’s future, trimming his many imperfections away. Like a mighty tree in a large forest, this warrior stands tall. Though strong winds and wild fires sweep through his forest, he remains firmly rooted in rich soil. The sun once again shines bright upon his branches, and a new season begins.

Psalm 104:16 the trees of the lord are well watered, the cedars of Lebanon that he planted. We never stand alone, there is always one who is close by and ready to put out the wildfires that destroy and consume us. Daniel 4:11 says; the tree grew large and strong and its top touched the sky; it was visible to the ends of the earth. Now this was part of a vision king Nebuchadnezzar was having do to his own prideful hang ups. But like him we to have a chance to allow the Lord of all creation to trim back our wild and sometimes dangerous branches. So that what remains is like that of a tall cedar, and when the mighty winds sweep through our forest, we find ourselves firmly planted and not easily destroyed. Let us not be found dead and dry on that forest floor, because everyone knows that type makes for the best fire wood.