Gathering Together

Tyeisha Downer

 Bring The Pain

 Bring The Pain. Bring the pain I have been through it all and I'm still standing. Prepared to deal with life's challenges dealing with all of the curve balls life's throwing at me. I was always told that misery enjoys company. I'm still standing waiting for life to bring me the pain. Still dealing with other’s negative energy, still trying to remain happy realizing life has so many lessons. Bring the pain I've been through it all no problems are too large or too small. Sleepless nights, heart ache & pain, lies scandals and other’s misery. Bring the pain, I'm still standing walking through eternal darkness stepping on broken glass along the way. Trying to find my way so many paths to take Which path leads me to my destiny, Bring the pain I won't be discouraged I carry the world on my shoulders and I'm still standing as I stand tired and weak. I pray to God to be delivered in my destiny, and give me strength. Bring the pain I'm still here I'm able to face all of my fears. Even though I'm not sure what's nex,t the faith that I have can take on any obstacle. Bring the pain I can handle everything as long as I'm able to speak God’s name. Sometimes life is unpredictable; it reminds you of a jigsaw puzzle not yet put together, but if you remain patient and study each piece, eventually it will end up as a masterpiece. When you bring the pain and you're still able to stand tall you suddenly realize that you can conquer all bring the pain.

-Tyeisha Downer