Gathering Together

                Writer's Prayers




Writers' Prayer 1:



Breathe life into what lays dormant in me, the words, the characters, scenes I have yet to see.

Reach in and pull the best despite the worst in me, reach through me

Even as they read, reach through my words and be

A balm of laughter, a balm of healing, words of hope and feeling

The words will mean nothing without your kiss upon them

Help my words set the eyes of readers' souls firmly upon you

Even after the story ends, leave readers with a strong sense of You


Writers' Prayer 2:

Lord, every talent we have comes from you. This gift you've given comes wrapped in words.

Breathe your power into them so they will matter. When people read the pages, reach through the lines and be a balm of humor and encouragement on human hearts in desperate need.


Writers' Prayer 3

Put your hands over mine on the keyboard, Lord, spark ideas inside my head

Give me dreams of lands far away as I drift off to sleep in my bed

Plant your words in my soul and let them flow forth

As I commit the works of my hands and heart to you


Writers Prayer 4

Help us to always write as worship

May our words make you famous

Let every word reflect your heart

Help us never to forget what a privilege it is

To take part in the creative process

This talent is a gift from you

May we always use the gift to honor you



(Humor) Writers' Prayer 5:

Now I sit me down to write

I pray the Lord that as I type

If Face book tries to distract me away

To my characters I pray I stay.


By Cheryl Wyatt