Gathering Together

Your Door


Open wide the cracked door

Of closed eyes

Introducing their

Blind rage

Leading to diseased

Souls of torment


Touch not the burnt door

Painted in colors of

Hard and calloused

Forbidden humanity

Drenched in breathless

Sounds tied

In tearless fits of despair


Open castle

Doors of shame

Awaken your

Sad child to dream

And dare not fantasize 

In the enemy’s playpen

Rather aspire to inspire the lost


Dare to be greater than the greatest fool

Proclaim your

“I AM.” 

Dare the hatred of the world

To enter your garden of beautiful praise

Fore in your garden the daffodils

Lay in wait to chase roses

Displaying playful camaraderie

Echoing yellow, red and white

Their Son a rainbow

Dressed in

Purple and Blue sweetness 


Come child of life 

Shout all the earth

For sadness, hate, shame and evil

Are doors sealed

In the abyss of Hades fury

Behold the Genesis of

Awakened Eternity


Tina Chestnut (writing as Ty Mays)